I have made this page so anybody who has a photo or cutting etc can send it to me and I will publish it on this page anything about Chertsey or the district would be great and im sure other people will also appreciate them also. Please sent to  luvadrink@gmail.com

       Our Christmas House

I will start this page off with a photo of our house George and Jenny Jamieson's which we decorated fron 1990 through till 2005 at Christmas time. At the time not many people did this and 1000s of people visited it each year with  most days 2 or 3 tourist buses stopping to take photos.


  Highwood winning Rowe cup

Here are some photos from Warren and Wendy Stapleton of Highwood winning the Rowe cup In 1988 probably the biggest race for trotters in New Zealand .Driven by R T May and trained by W E Staplelton and owned by W E Stapleton and L J Hanrahan he had 35 starts with 14 wins and 6 seconds and on the way winning 185.085 thousand dollars which 21 years ago was a pretty impressive amount especialy for a trotter.




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