This was one of the first things the early village had and it was the first Hotel which by all accounts was a lavish building containing 21 rooms built in 1877.It was destroyed by fire in 1890. 


The Chertsey Railway  Station Built in 1919 The first Station was built in 1874.I dont have any photos of the first station. In the 1920s it was a very busy place with mail being dropped off by train around lunch time each day and then delivered by horse and cart to Dorie Pendaves and Seafield by jackie Behrns .Also the biggest frieght to come into the station at that time was beer.As Ashburton being dry Chertsey was the closest pub so it was a very busy place.      



The original Blacksmith shop built in 1877 was on the corner of Maldon and King St. It was owned by Harry Childs but it was taken over by brother Tom when Harry brought the Hotel.In my memory My W Johnson owned it in the 1950s who was a Scotsman who later sold it to Mr I Behrnes who later sold it to Mr A Kuyf who used it until closing it around 1963 when his new workshop opened on the Main Road.


In 1879 the Chertsey School opened and below is a photo of the first School and School House .I can only presume when the School House was built, but it must have been about the same time .In 1896 the Pendarves School was moved to Chertsey and the Chertsey School moved to Overdale.Then in 1927 the School House burnt down.A new School House was not built till 1953.

The first Anglican Church which was  built and named St James in 1880 and stood untill around the  early 1960s when a wind storm took off the roof and probably other damage ironicly it was classed as an act of God by insurers.A new Church was built on the corner of Chertsey line Rd & Regent St


This is the Hotel that was opened in 1891 and is still in use today but is now a Tavern.When Ashburton had prohibition between the 1903 and 1950 it had some very boom times and had an agency in Ashburton where the where beer and spirits etc was preordered and delivered to the agency


An early photo of the Chertsey Domain which probably taken between 1881 when the Domain Board was constituted and early 1900 .It has had a long history with Gymkhanas being held on Easter mondays for over 100 years with Trotting Greyhounds Tennis Crouquet Cricket etc useing it over the last 100 plus years

An early picture of the General store though with a lot of alterations still stands today .Built in 1878 and a couple of years later had competiton across the Road.It done very well selling everything you needed from hardware to groceries and did farm deliverys.It got the postal angency in 1975 .But with easy travel and Supermarkets it was closed in 1990

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