The Chertsey War Memorial on Anzac Day

                 Chertsey and the Two World Wars 

Chertsey also has a very proud record when it came to the World wars.In the 1914 1918 ,conflict of a then very small village 35 men served with11 giving their lives. In the  second World War of the  19 people who fought for their country 2 gave their lives still a large number for such a small Village

 Above are photos of two of the men who served in the two wars .Above is Mr Dan Lynch who served in World War One in his army uniform .Above left is Mr Owen.V Dunstan who served in World War Two.The Village still shows their pride in these people who served in these wars with serveral wreaths and flowers place on the memorial on Anzac day April the 25th every year.On left of this is a photo of a Home Guardsman( My father A .A .Jamieson) who also in a different way served their country . Because age medical reason etc they could not join the military they joined the Home Guard .At first armed with broom handles they trained but as the threat of an enemy invasion came ,after Australia was invaded things were taken more seriously and as shown in photo issued with rifles. there are storys of enemy coming ashore one of an Ashburton Grocer delivering to his customers in the beach area being held up by sailors from a German Submarine and his grocerys stolen. whether true or not we will never know but there are probably many other similar yarns around the rest of the country.

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