The Chertsey Hall                              

 The Hall was built in 1914 though probably not used as much as in days past, is still used for a lot of functions today . In 1962 a major upgrade was done.A new piece was built to the south side of the hall and toilet blocks added to the front and a new entrance and ticket box.The current Hall committee have done a good job in keeping things in the hall up to date with maintainance.In 2003 a ride on lawnmower was purchased and the following year a new roof was put on the hall and new aluminium windows put in.Other things done over the past few years is new spouting a pie warmer bought and the kitchen upgraded.                           

      The Chertsey School

This is the School as it looks today over the 129 years of its existance there have been three different school buildings ,The second one being moved from Pendarves in 1896 which survived until 1967 when todays school was opened .It is now the other side of the playground from where the old school was which was once a paddock bought from Mr F Mcguigan in the early 1950s to extend the school grounds.Over the years there have been either 2 or 3 teachers at the school with a roll as high as 92 ,but today there are only 38 children attend the school and only 2 teachers

  The Loan and Mercantile

This was once a thriving place as a lot of the grain grown around the district was stored here ,and then sent by rail to be used by flour mills etc.The verandah on the left hand side of the photo is where it was loaded as a railway siding came under there and the wagons were filled.It was opened in the 1880s and closed around early 1970s when farmers started to use bulk grain and got there own slilos for storage.It was later used by Stevens Seeds and after that was owned by Peter Hulme and used to cure deer skins to be sent away for tanning.It has recently been sold and local rumours say its going to become a Truck stop , but as yet only rumours


                             Two of todays local firms                              

On the left is Malcom Love"s Workshop who is an Agriculture Contractor and also has several trucks and runs a Transport business. On the right is Chertsey Spraying run by Phillip Vanderweg.

        The old Oil Well

This is what remains of the old oil well .The well itself can be seen in the front of the photo and one of the concrete piles at the back which was used to hold the rig in place .


    The northern entrance

This is the Chertsey Line Road entrance comeing from Rakaia. The building to the left of the photo is the Anglican Church which was opened in 1965 to replace the original church damaged by wind

   Main South Road entrance

This is also the Northern entrance off the Main south road.The village can be seen through the small trees on the left and the domain is across the road on the right which of course you cant see .

     The Greyhound Track

Now we are in the domain and this is the Greyhound Track .this is run by yhe Ashburton Greyhound Club who once held sweepstake meetins here as in those days you had to win two of these type races to get to a T A B meeting .They now hold there meetings at Addington and only used as a training track

            Trainers and Trotting and Pacing In Chertsey

Over the years there has been a number of trainers in Chertsey . i will try to name most of them in this item and if i miss any im truely sorry and if anyone knows of others please let me know.One of the earliest public trainers was Mr J l (Jackie) Behrns who started in 1946.His three sons Irvin, Tommy and Robbie also trained horses from here and later moved to other parts of NZ.Other include Ian Skinner, Ralph Edge,Hec Henderson,The Lynchs,John Doig ,Slim Dykman,Warren and Dean Stapleton,Laurence Hanrahan,Philip Heyward ,Frank bebbington,Dick Prendergast,Norris Pettit,Colin McLaughlin,and today still training here is Ian Kennedy, Colin Calvert and Tim Jellyman.Everyone of these trainers have had there successes,but in more recent times in 1988 Warren Stapleton won the Rowe Cup with Highwod one of the biggest race for Trotters in NZ and in 1994 Colin Calvert won the NZ Trotting Cup with Bee Bee Cee the biggest race for Pacers in NZ. The photo on the right is Bee Bee Cee wining the NZ Trotting cup.

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