Hello my name is George Jamieson and what I am trying to do is a history of our village with my memory and bits and pieces ive read from School Centenial books Newspapers etc .Ive also talked with older village people who have  put in there valuable information.Of course i dont know everthing (though sometimes think so after a few drinks)so id like your help ,so if  you have stories photos newspaper cuttings that would help me id love to publish them on this site. This will always be a work in progress so if anyone can help me with this please  contact me direct at luvadrink@gmail.com

The photo on the left as you probably realised is of me . Now i know everything on this site is probably not correct so if you find something that you think is not right please tell me and between us im sure we can get it right .All i can say everything at this time  on here is to the best of my knowledge

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